What is Réal Slim?

Being Overweight Affects Work, Family, Day To Day Living & Of Course Fashion & Beach Life.

Réal SlimTM shakes are designed and formulated to deliver 6 key things.

It will help you manage weight and let you feel good while losing weight.

Réal SlimTM shakes contain only what the body requires. No more no less. Making it practical tool for weight management whether you are a celebrity on a daily photo shoot with size zero goal or a health
conscious accountant or a sports person who needs to stay lean or a college student who is trying to look cool on his date or anyone
who likes and has decided to be really slim, Réal SlimTMshakes are the answer.

Weight Management

Every day we wake up and remind ourselves that it is about time to take our first steps towards weight management. These thoughts however are ruffled by the end of the day as we find it increasingly harder to keep a count of our calorie intake or need to rely on fast food owing to time crunch. Some of us wish that health foods tasted better or we had a fitness expert to guide us towards a balanced meal.
It's time to put these concerns aside and indulge in Réal SlimTM, a flexible, easy to use and balanced meal replacement plan which allows you to shed those extra pounds and stay slim.

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Facing The Fact

Failing to lead a healthy lifestyle and getting into shape does not just effect internal functioning but renders severe blow to an individual's social image.
Food and lifestyle habits are difficult to change and failing multiple times acts as a major de-motivating factor.
Réal SlimTM allow you to stick to your routine and still drop pounds conveniently.
Look no further than 

Réal SlimTM - make the body you have always desired achievable!

Here Is The Universal Truth About Losing Weight

Here is the universal truth about losing weight. Human body has to consume less energy than it uses to lose excess fat stored in body.Réal SlimTM Shakes satisfies hunger, nourish only what body needs at essentially low calories. It creates negative energy balance without starving yourself.

The Réal SlimTM shakes are for every man and woman who has decided to be real slim. Those who intend to be healthy and keep pounds off in the long run find the shakes useful. Always remember that where keeping total number of calories under control is essential, it is not a good practice to deprive your body of nutrients. Your body needs a minimum amount of calories for it to not crave for starchy foods and maintain itself before it gets the next meal. As far as Réal SlimTM goes, total calories in one shake lie in the range of 204-208 depending on the flavor you choose.

In its ideal state, you can replace one to two meals a day with Réal SlimTM. It is usually a good practice to eat a healthy and balanced regular meal and then replace one to two meals with the shake.

Using Réal SlimTM meal replacement shake could prove to be an extremely essential tool while initiating weight loss. It would not only provide you the nutrients you need but also help in keep your blood sugar level stable. Sugar level is an essential factor to control for preventing carb cravings. You would crave for starchy foods to bring back your lost energy whenever your sugar level dips below a specific level.This might readily sabotage your weight loss efforts.

The fact is that when our body does not receive enough nutrition,it enters 'starvation mode'. In other words, lack of food scares our body into believing that the next meal might never come.

As a result, our body begins conserving energy and storing fat for starvation situations. Not eating throughout the day makes our body go particularly hungry and we might end up eating a lot more than is actually required. Also, since our body is low on energy, we end up consuming food which is high in energy and hence high in carbohydrates and fats. Skipping meals also slows down our metabolism and hence our ability to burn calories.

Bottom Line : Replace any two meals with nutrition packed Réal SlimTM shakes, consume a well- balanced meal and eat two healthy snacks to keep your metabolism in high gear!

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Other Benefits

  • Metabolic rate - Put in simple language, metabolism is the process by which an individual's body breaks down carbohydrates, fats and proteins to fulfill its energy needs. Higher metabolic rates allow individuals to burn additional calories without actually altering their intake. This is where 'Réal SlimTM' comes in handy. Providing an adequate balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats, it helps improve metabolic functioning.
  • Digestive system - Réal SlimTM is low in its Glycemic content and is enriched with fibres. This helps in improving the
  • digestive system and prevents conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.
  • Cardiovascular functioning - By improving an individual's metabolic rate and mineral intake, Réal SlimTM helps in reducing the production of Low Density Lipo -protein thereby reducing cholesterol deposition in arteries.
  • Bones - A severe concern for all individuals on a weight loss regime deals with daily calcium intake and a possible bone density reduction owing to a heavy dependence on weight loss products Réal SlimTM on the other hand has been enriched with adequate amounts of calcium and helps in preventing conditions like
  • Bone density loss, osteoporosis and fractures
  • Immune system Réal SlimTM  contain antioxidants which improve functioning of the immune system and white blood cell production.
  • Women - Réal SlimTM might as well be regarded as a wonder product for women Réal SlimTM has been enriched with copper, zinc, iron and many other nutrients which are essentially helpful in preventing hair loss, cell damage, depression and improving menstrual cycle, skin texture and mood swings.


The attribute of flexibility is most important for an individual to stay committed to a plan. Réal SlimTM weight management shakes allow you to replace any two meals of your choice and compliment these replacements with a full range of healthy food options which would never allow you to get bored with the program. You would also be able to adjust the plan in accordance with your lifestyle leaving no chances of giving up on the plan.

Save up on Time

You would not be disappointed spending time mixing ingredients- Réal SlimTM is here to help you effectively deal with time crunch. The three step process allows you to be equipped with a tasty shake in no time at all. See how to use for exact detail. All you has to do is shake.

  • Low calorie for calculated weight loss that stays off
  • Three mouth-watering flavours
  • 100% hunger satisfaction
  • Contains 24 vitamins and minerals
  • Muscle mass stimulant with over 18 grams of whey protein per serving

It’s this unique blend of taste and nutrition that makes Réal Slim your perfect slimming solution.

Backed by Science

Did you know a structured liquid meal programcan be significantly more effective than a traditional reduced calorie diet plan for weight loss.

Liquid meals such as Réal Slim Shakes get results because they effectively help curb hunger8 and typically provide more essential nutrients thanthe standardregular diet.

For your safety and protection, all Réal Slim products are formulated and manufactured in line with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) code 2.9.3.